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The MBTA Communities Act Zoning Passed!

At Town Meeting on Monday, December 11, Town Meeting members overwhelmingly approved both Articles 1 and 2.  Despite requiring only a simple majority and 2/3 respectively, Article 1 passed 67% to 32% and Article 2 passed 87% to 12% - strong and resounding votes.  These two articles will bring Milton into compliance with state law on zoning and provide numerous benefits to our community.

Town Meeting has spoken clearly and Affordable Inclusive Milton supports the Town Meeting vote.  AIM and other town leaders fought for passage of these zoning Articles because of the numerous benefits that they will bring to our Town. (Learn more at: MBTA Communities Law.)

We are alarmed about the possibility of the Town being placed out of compliance with the Law and the possible repercussions.  We need a YES on February 13.


A Yes vote will ensure that we have the benefits of the zoning and avoids taxpayers absorbing hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to fight any legal actions on non-compliance.  It will ensure no loss of eligibility for more than a dozen state grant programs, including school-building assistance.  (See Governor Healey’s comments here.)  There are many needs in Town that would benefit from our hard-earned property taxes - fighting and losing lawsuits to be a law-breaking town is not a legitimate need.

See more information at our Frequently Asked Questions page and at Yes For Milton

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